theboywithmakeup Hi, I'm Brandon Michael and I live in NYC. This is my blog dedicated to makeup. I am learning what does and doesn't work, new techniques, products and brands to try. I'll be posting tips, tricks, reviews, favorite products and some guy related things for the rest of the guys out there that wear makeup for various reasons.



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    Giveaway Winnings from Indiegokat! I received an eyeshadow from Concrete Minerals called Poisonous Kiss (purpley rust color), which is discontinued, I believe. I also got three samples of lipgloss from Senna Cosmetics also in colors I believe to be discontinued. Swing (light pink) Shiver (purple) and Siren (red-orange). I swatched all of them and to no surprise, I adore every single item. The samples were bonuses that Kat threw in there for me. All in all, I couldn’t be happier with these products, and am so grateful to have won the giveaway! I’ll try to include these into my looks soon.

    I included links to both brands’ websites, you definitely should check them out! I know I’ll be making a list of wants ;)

    Au Revoir!

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